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DeLuxe Milk Replacers

Formulated for:

Baby Pigs

Guide to Raising Healthy,
Profitable Young Livestock




  • 100% Milk Protein - Where does it come from?
  • Putting your dairy surplus to work.
  • Calf Milk Replacers - Comparison Table
  • Feeding directions for DeLuxe calf milk replacers
  • About All Milk Proteins
  • Heads Up - Deaths Down
  • Calf Rearing Errors
  • Abomasal Clotting
  • Stomach Development
  • Milk Replacer Mixing Temperature
  • Protecting Your Milk Replacers
  • Canadian Made Milk Replacers
  • Our DeLuxe All Milk Replacers Clot
  • Compare Milk Replacer Feeding Directions
  • After Colostrum Milk Replacer
  • Management and Feeding of Shipped In Calves
  • Why Use DeLuxe Calf Milk Replacers?
  • Tips On Raising Calves for Profit
  • Winter Feeding
  • Calf Milk-Bits
  • Investing for the Future
  • DeLuxe Lamb Milk Replacer - Tips
  • Deluxe Lamb Milk Replacer Feeding Directions
  • Feeding Kids Deluxe Super Start Milk Replacer
  • Deluxe Baby Pig Milk Replacer
  • Milk-Bits Pig Starters
  • DeLuxe Foal Milk Replacer